At Young’s Wildlife it is our goal to make you a satisfied customer from beginning to the time your mount is complete. That means we will cater to your needs, whether it be receiving  shipments from around the globe or shipping your completed piece right to your door.

In some cases we will deliver and/or install in your home or trophy room. If you are shipping crates from another country, in most cases we will have MASS Inc. take care of receiving your shipment. If you are shipping from in the states we will personally receive your crates from the courier of your choice (UPS, FedEx, FedEx Freight, etc.) In the case that imported
specimens must be treated at a USDA approved facility we will forward the skins/horns to Keystone Furdressing for prep.

Young’s Wildlife will also ship completed mounts to any destination. Naturally there are crating and shipping charges incurred, but we do offer this service. Young’s Wildlife also offers local delivery service for a minimal fee. When shipping animals in the states they must first be either salted and dried or frozen. When shipping frozen specimens always ship minimum 2 day air and always on a Monday or Tuesday to allow a margin for error. Package items appropriately and securely and please including licensing and tag information.

We are licensed by the state of Maryland and must provide licensing and tag verification for the Department of Natural Resources. Also please notify Young’s Wildlife before shipping specimens so we are aware when shipments will be arriving. If you will be shipping large antlers that must be split ask the outfitter to notch cut the skull plate to ensure a correct fit. It is also advisable to provide Young’s Wildlife with tracking information so we can check the
status of a shipment should it not arrive on time.

At Young’s Wildlife we care as much about your trophies as you and we will see to it that they arrive at their destination in a safe, secure timely manner.