Final Youngs Bronze2.png

Recreating animals in all their grace and beauty is something I have always strived for in my taxidermy work.  I now an able to strive to achieve this same goal in my wildlife sculptures.  Having an extensive background as an artist in both drawing and painting enabled me to excel as a taxidermist having an artistic flair and style.  Taxidermy has taught me a great deal about anatomy, musculature and natural animal movements and poses.  I am now able to use this knowledge combined with my artistic skills to create wildlife sculpture cast in bronze.  All sculptures are currently available.  Please contact us if you are interested in one of our wildlife bronzes for your home décor or trophy room.  

"Argali Arsitocrat"MArco Polo Sheep on Rocks Bronze approximately 18" x 12"


"Rise to the Challange" Big Horn Sheep on Rocks Bronze approximately 12" x 6"

" Bronzeback" Small Mouth Bass on Rocks Bronze approximately 6" x 6"

sable on Rocks Work In Progress approximately 18" x 12"