As a Master Taxidermist, business owner and artist, there are a few things I strive for and a few things that I feel separate me from others.  There are some studios where you will personally never meet or work with the taxidermist caring for your trophies. Although you may still get quality work you may not get the personal touch. Many of my clients bring their trophies to me and tell me to be creative. Many give me an idea of what they are looking for and then let me design the rest. By meeting with each client personally, I get a feeling for what they may be looking for and can then incorporate my ideas and artistic ability into designing them one my original creations.

I spend a great deal of time on design and composition so that my clients receive a one-of-a- kind piece. There are good taxidermists and there are artists; to be a wildlife artist you need to be both. I also believe that a true wildlife artist will educate his clients. Most people do not know the subtle differences between average commercial taxidermy and custom wildlife artistry. I like to educate my clients about what I offer them, this enables my client to see the differences in quality of work from one studio to another.  My clients have a greater appreciation for the product they are getting back from me.

There is a great deal of emphasis placed today on pricing and completion times. Regarding price, I always try to be fair, both to the client and myself. Custom wildlife artistry comes with a price; you can expect to spend a little more money to receive a piece of art.  Regarding turnaround time, I strive to return all trophies as quickly as possible. However, I do not guarantee 6-month turnaround.  I will not sacrifice quality to rush any job, that benefits neither the client nor me. Generally, most all of my work is completed in 6 to 12 months. I am a custom wildlife art studio not a production taxidermy shop. I believe that every piece of wildlife that comes through my doors deserves the same respect, care and attention regardless whether it is a basic shoulder mount deer or a full-sized lion.

Nature is a precious gift and it is my responsibility as an artist to recreate these beautiful animals to the best of my ability. I am dedicated to this profession. I enjoy working with wildlife and believe that it shows in my work. My mission as a taxidermist and an artist is to continue to raise the level of quality in y work.  I want to think outside the box and push the limits of creativity. I attempt to capture mother nature in the blink of an eye on every piece. I want every client to be 100 percent satisfied, and I want them to be just as proud as the day they see their completed piece as the day they harvested their trophy.

I enjoy the challenge of creating new ideas and concepts and working with different animals from around the world. I thank you for taking the time to visit our site and hope you review all of the information here and browse through our gallery.  If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them either via phone or email.

I personally invite you to come visit our studio and let me create you a beautiful piece of wildlife artistry.