Do you consider yourself to be an extreme hunter? Do you go the extra mile to put all the odds in your favor to harvest the deer of a lifetime? You have spent money on the nicest equipment, the latest and greatest gear, and have spent countless hours in the stand in pursuit of your trophy deer. If you buy the best of everything to pursue your passion then Xtreme Whitetails is for you.

Our line of Xtreme Whitetails is for the hunter who has harvested a very special deer, whether it’s based on size, age or just sentimental value. Your deer is worth going the extra mile to create - it’s not just a mount but also a piece of art. Options for your mount include: a fully customized one- of-a-kind pose, open mouth poses featuring original molds and casting of fresh specimens, implant grade glass eyes, full septums, eye rotations and many custom pedestal designs and artistic sculptures and creations. Let us design you a one-of-a-kind piece of art, an Xtreme Whitetail.