Young’s Wildlife is a full service studio committed to providing you with the highest quality wildlife artistry and customer service.

A large part of being able to provide our clients with a beautiful piece of artistry is making the proper arrangements before the hunt to ensure your trophies are cared for properly. This applies whether you are traveling aboard or perhaps are hunting right down the street.

For those traveling out of the country please contact Young’s Wildlife in advance so we can work with you to make the proper arrangements. For expediting our international game we use MASS expediting Inc. MASS is an expediting firm in Aspers, PA. It is directly affiliated with Keystone Fur Dressing, which is a commercial tannery, whom we use to also prep and tan many of our trophies. Young’s Wildlife has packets on hand from MASS, Inc. containing all proper paperwork needed which can be picked up at our location or mailed directly to your home or business.

MASS takes care of pickup of all items at BWI airport. They then notify us and take care of any prep work that needs done and proceed with tanning. This process works very efficiently, allowing us to put your trophies into our rotation as soon as the skins are in our hands.

For those hunting inside the continental US, proper field care is very important. Depending on the time of year and the climate in the hunt location it may be very important to care for your animal very quickly to ensure the quality of your hides. The better your skins are cared for in the field, the better the end product will be. Consult with Young’s Wildlife before your hunt for tips and suggestions on field care and skinning techniques. 

It is also advisable to consider how you are planning to have your trophies mounted; shoulder mounts, pedestals, life-size, or rugs for example. There are different skinning techniques for different styles of mounts, which can make for a better quality product at the end. Let Young’s Wildlife help you before the hunt so we can provide you with a beautiful piece of our wildlife artistry.